Thursday, July 03, 2008

Revisiting with the Doof Clenas

See the 43 in the eyes of the skull? Oh yeah!
The Doof Clenas is the most awesome motorcycle club known to man. Not only are the members of this organization above par in both intelligence and shear sexiness, they have stolen this girl's heart by focusing rides around the hiways & biways numbered 43.
The picture here is SafetyMan. Hella sexy.
One day I am going to buy a motorcycle & chase these guys around. Or a Vespa. Or something. I have a route 43 sign stolen by someone from somewhere. Maybe I can set it in front of my house & trick them into coming by and taking me for a ride. Hehe.
Love you guys. <3


Anonymous said...

Come Ride With Us!

Anonymous said...

We could send Mikey over to pick ya up.

MegaGlide said...

Hey, Tara!

Here's a link to a post with all the 43 tats:
You've got to be logged in to see the pics, though.

Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

I could go pick her up, she can ride with me ......


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