Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Doof Clenas

I hate when I get something awesome in a comment & forget about it... so sometimes I repost them as entries just so I don't miss them. This came from 8-Ball...


We seem to share the same interest (43). Our motorcycle collective is known as the Doof Clenas; D=4 C=3.We have hundreds of members who ride their motorcycles to Highway 43 signs around the nation and photograph their bike and the highway 43 sign. We have had custom timing covers fabricated for our bikes with the 43 inscription. We have 43 on our license plates, etc. You really need to stop by and check us out.

Photo of bike and 43 road sign: http://www.doofclenasmc.com/DoofClenas/HighwayMen_files/CIMG1115.png

Many more bikes and highway 43 signs: http://www.doofclenasmc.com/DoofClenas/HighwayMen.html

Check out our website at:




I LOVE THESE GUYS!!!!!! I am going to go buy a Harley so I can join.

I am posting a few of my more favorite pictures from their site... but they have so many more.

<--- 8 Ball, I heart you. Thanks for sharing this with me.

More Pictures From James' Set

More... as promised.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Pictures from James

James Whitney, my newest 43 connection, emailed me today to let me know that he has been taking pictures of the number 43. Of course, I wanted to get copies of them. He forwarded 43 of them!

More to come.