Friday, August 18, 2006

Gary Heidnik

I can't believe I haven't posted anything for over a month. The day before yesterday, I received a 43 picture from a friend on myspace that said "43 the route to the future." I received a comment on one of these blogs from a friend saying that I could celebrate 43 day a number of ways - February 12th (the 43rd day of the year) or March 4th (given the way European's write the date). I was driving around and saw a taxi with a bright 43 on its bumper, and I thought, why haven't I had a 43 to post?

Well, yesterday I found one. I was watching "Most Evil" on the Discovery channel, a new program about forensic psychology and rating the world's worst murders on a scale of 1-22 based on how heinous their crimes might be.

On the program I was watching, only one person received the highest rating of 22. His name: Gary Heidnik. His crime: he had kidnapped 6 women and chained them in his basement with the intent of raping and impregnating them until he produced a small community of Heidniks who would be devoted followers. He had a small following in a church of his own creation that met above the basement pit where he raped and tortured these women. Two died while in his custody; after one died, he mixed ground-up parts of her with dogfood and fed that to the other women he held.

Gary Heidnik was born in Cleveland, Ohio in November, 1943. He was finally caught, after his favorite prisoner escaped and contacted the police, on March 25, 1987. He, of course, was 43 at the time. Scary stuff.


Tara said...

This was a weird post because I found out that on the same day that I posted this entry the most notorious serial rapist in Charleston got the death penalty for his crimes against women.

Quentin Ergane said...

Is it wrong of me to find this interesting and even funny in that Titus Andronicus way?

Also... *scrunches eyebrows* he must've read The Joke by Kundera and never "got" it.

LOL while shaking head