Tuesday, June 27, 2006

1943 Pennies Trivia

Did you know...

That in l943, pennies were only made of copper for a short time? This was during World War II, and the U.S. needed the copper to make communications equipment for the war. Because of this, pennies were made of steel.

That the 1943 copper-alloy cent is one of the most sought after items by coin collectors? There are about 40 of these known to be in existence today.

That the way to find out if your 1943 penny is copper, is with a magnet? If you can't pick it up with the magnet, it's copper, and it could be worth a lot of money to you?

That a 1943 copper cent was auctioned off on December 22,1999, for $112,500?

That when the U.S Mint discussed getting rid of the penny the public was outraged, especially in Illinois, the home state of Abraham Lincoln.

Source: http://library.thinkquest.org/J003358F/trivia.html


Anonymous said...

I was doing some calculations with numbers and came across this very interesting number:


The sum of these digits is 43


This number is calculated by taking the year 1989 and multiplying by 365.25 days, to get the total number of days from year 1 A.D.

Then, adding 187 days to that result. This would be the 187th day of 1989, which is George Walker Bush's 43rd birthday (shared with Sylvester Stallone---"Rambo")They were both born on 7/6/1946

President Bush is currently the 43rd president of the United States. Some people believe he is the antichrist. His father became President (inaugurated) in January 1989 and described a "New World Order" which is a "buzzword" that has alot of conspiracy experts up in arms.

726669.25 reflects a "double" 666. One is obvious, the other is hidden.


72 X 9.25 = 666

In the book of Revelation, we are told to "calculate" the number of the "Beast" which is associated with the devil and money, and the Testimony of Jesus Christ gives His followers victory over the beast and his number (just as the Israelites got victory over Pharoah after 430 years)

Basically it has to do with greed and slavery and man's attempt to do his own will (just as the blog about the biblical aspects of 43 showed earlier in this blog).

I have developed a rather subjective theory using numbers as letters (called "calculator words") and have come up with some interesting patterns, but I will show only this one:
1=I; 2=N or Z (and sometimes T); 3=E or M or W; 4=H; 5=S; 6=A (or @ to differentiate between a 9=G); 7=L; 8=B; 9=G; 0=O or some cases D

92124917=LIGH(T)NING (the space between the 4 and 2 implies a "T")
53208937=LEGBONES (as in "Walker")

921249.17 (LIGHTNING)
532089.37 (LEGBONES)
=1453338.54 (I 4 SEE W B.SH =I FORESEE W BUSH)
divided by 2
= 726669.27 (this is the number above which is equivilent to 187.02 days of 1989, George Bush's 43rd b'day)

The "Skull and Bones" logo has a skull and crossed "leg bones"

This is a typical illustration of a "femur" (leg bone)

Lightning in the bible usually typifies judgment (or in one case, Jesus saw Satan "fall like lightning" when the 72 missionaries came back rejoicing that "even the demons are subject to them in Jesus' name"

9/11/01 happened on the 731119.25 day from 1 A.D.
There were 7 buildings in the WTC complex. 4 stood, 3 fell. Bush was 43rd President. It was 4450 days after his 43rd b'day.

445 spells "SHH" and he was quoted as saying, in 2004 on "Meet the Press", when asked about "Skull and Bones":

"It's so secret, I can't talk about it"

I need to point out here that this is fairly subjective, but what's strange is that (without realizing the date until later) I discovered this on 7/6/2006 which is Bush's 60th birthday...72 and 666?

Luke 10:17 The 72 returned with joy. They said, "Lord, even the demons obey us when we speak in your name."

18 Jesus replied, "I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven. 19 I have given you authority to walk all over snakes and scorpions. You will be able to destroy all the power of the enemy. Nothing will harm you. 20 But do not be glad when the evil spirits obey you. Instead, be glad that your names are written in heaven."

Anonymous said...

fixed link

"It's so secret, I can't talk about it"

Tara said...

anonymous, i think i love you, platonically, but a big big love nonetheless.

Anonymous said...

Hey! check out the "It's so secret I can't talk about it" link. This thread appears in it!

Tara said...

This thread deserves to show up there. How did you arrive at all these calculations? Did you start with GW's birthday?

Anonymous said...

Hi Tara

sorry so long in responding. In answer to your question, it's a very long story, and very complicated, to say the least. It all began back in 2002 when I decided to play the Publius Enigma game, which Pink Floyd started in their 1994 Division Bell tour. I got started kinda late.

Another one for your 43 series would be the two boxing gloves in the "Lost For Words" page of the TDB CD booklet.


3 strings (pairs of eyelets) on the left and 4 strings on the right

Also, in the US edition of the CD book, there are 3 "observatories" and in the UK version, there are 4 "observatories" on the Cluster One pages.



But yeah, I calculated Bush's birthday by multiplying 1946 by 365.25 and adding 187 to that result (187 is the number of days to July 6), which comes to 710963.5, and then add (43 x 365.25) to that number, which comes to 726669.25. The rest is just process of elimination and intuition, I guess (with some extensive knowledge of the Bible and understanding it's symbols and meaning)

Is President Bush the antichrist? He sure acts like it sometimes...but he's just a reflection of our whole materialistic society, I think.

Anonymous said...

materialism steeped in hedonism and spiritual blindness

Anonymous said...

That's odd, the "it's so secret, I can't talk about it" link doesn't show this blog in the Google search anymore. Censorship?