Thursday, April 13, 2006

Oh The Comments I Get

If you read the comments on the post right before this one, you will get the link to the article called: "The Dirty Word in 43 Down: A New York Times crossword gaffe" by Jesse Sheidlower. Love the article, thanks Treespotter.

Just in case the article goes away anytime soon, here is the highlights:

"If you finished Monday's crossword puzzle in the New York Times, your answer for 43 Down, clued as "Scoundrel," was SCUMBAG..."

"The original meaning of scumbag is 'condom.' The Oxford English Dictionary dates the term to 1967, with 1971 as the first example of the 'despicable person' sense, but current research has pushed the dates back to 1935 (based on the still earlier scum, 'semen,' and bag, 'a condom') and 1950 respectively... "

hahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahaha. ha.

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treespotter said...

i am glad you like that. he he... hmmm... i got another thing for you, but that'll wait....