Monday, April 03, 2006

Happy 43 Day!

Well, today is not going to be the most exciting 43 day for me, but I hope it is for everyone else. The whole idea behind 43 day is to do something you have never done before but always wanted to do. So far today, all I have managed to do differently is buy Nutro dog food for my puppies - no more Pedigree or Purina for those two. Hopefully tonight I can find something to get into that really expresses how I feel about 43 day.

If anyone out there has a happy 43 day experience, let me know.

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Anonymous said...

There are two 43 days you can celebrate - in the UK we write our date order "day / month / year", not "m/d/y" like you guys in the states. I'm sure there are other non western calenders you could refer to for more 43 days.
For me, 4th March would be 43 day - or more precisly, Feb 12th as its the 43rd day of the year.