Wednesday, April 19, 2006

43 X 43 by Dakota

On 43 things, there is a number of goals with 43 in them, go figure. One of the long standing ones that many people have played with is "Photograph 43 things with the number 43 on them" for obvious reasons. Some of these photos are better than others, but more importantly, they are all of the number 43. There is a flickr page that used to be dedicated to collecting the photos of 43, but now its a more general 43 things site. Whatever.

The whole point of this discussion is that I frequently search 43 things and flickr to look at pictures I like of 43. Sometimes, if I really like something, I attempt to contact the photographer to get their permission to blog it. Dakota, a 43 thinger, is one of these people. View her sites here: flickr; 43 things.

But more importantly, look at this collage at all 43 of her pictures of 43. It is fantastic.


Dakota said...

Wow, it looks great!
Thanks for the compliment :)

Gentleman-hobbs said...

You make 43 more interesting than 69 mate!