Friday, July 22, 2005

43 Collage

43 Collage
43 Collage,
originally uploaded by forty-three.
I used all the 43 pictures I had saved over the years, all the searches I ran on the internet, and pictures from

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Replay by Ken Grimwood

So I am reading this book right now, Replay. The back cover explains the plot: "Jeff Winston didn't know he was a replayer. Until he died. Then he woke up twenty-five years younger. And lived another life. And died again. And lived another life. And died again. And lived another life. Again and agian and again.... Maybe one of these lifetimes, he'll get it right."

The facinating part of all of this, is each time he dies, he is age forty-three.

"...shouldn't his final thoughts be of something deeper, more philosophical? Or maybe a fast-speed replay of the highlights of his life, forty-three years on Betascan" (p. 3).

"What it means is that your heart is in as close to perfect condition as any forty-three-year-old American male could hope it to be" (p. 81).

Sunday, July 10, 2005

43 Ways to Write 43

Taken from an exercise that Audrey and I did while during a meeting that we didn't understand.

  1. 43
  2. forty-three
  3. 'for-tE 'thrE (Pronunciation)
  4. 2B (Hexidecimal)
  5. XLIII (Roman Numerals)
  6. 1010111 (Binary)
  7. cuarenta y tres (Spanish)
  8. quarante-trois (French)
  9. Dreiundvierzig (German)
  10. quaranta-tre (Italian)
  11. Drieënveertig (Dutch)
  12. quarenta e três (Portueguese)
  13. Простое(Russian)
  14. førtitre(Norweigan)
  15. σαράντα τρία(Greek)
  16. 四十三 (Chinese)
  17. feowertig þrīe (Old English)
  18. vundo-drnaa (Al Bhed)
  19. Kvardek tri (Esperanto)
  20. furty-three-a (Sweedish Chef)
  21. fo'ty-dree (Jive)
  22. foty-dee (Buckwheat)
  23. foorty-three (Moo)
  24. 4TY-THREE (B1ff)
  25. FORTY-THRE (12-Year-Old-AOLer)
  26. ..-. --- .-. - -.-- / - .... .-. . . (Morse Code)
  27. Four hobbles for cattle, three single strokes (Egyptain notation)
  28. four tens and three ones
  29. 60-17
  30. 40 + 3
  31. 86 / 2
  32. 8.6 * 5
  33. the square root of 1849
  34. x
  35. 2 3 5 7 11 13 17 19 23 29 31 37 41 __ 47 53 59 61 67 71 73 79 83 89 97
  36. seven cents less than two quarters
  37. 4T3
  38. The code for direct dial international phone calls to Austria.
  39. The year AD 43, 43 BC, and 1943.
  40. The designation of Interstate 43.
  41. The atomic number of technetium.
  42. Tara's number

I Heart 43 Things

I learned today that there is a huge group of people who have been taking pictures of 43's partially inspired by 43 Things and the newly established 43 Places, and all these lovely beautiful people have posted their pixs on Flickr as a group. The link is over there (<---). One of the nice people, Carrick, got back to me and said I could post his pix here. So I did. Thanks.

Hey, another nice person responded. Thanks, aricee.

Friday, July 08, 2005

This Sucks

Not exactly what I was looking to find during my vast and all-inclusive research. -->

I also found a picture of a house with a 43 on it. This is more in line with the stuff I like to find, even though it isn't terribly thought provoking. Click on either picture to view the source.

Friday, July 01, 2005

April 3rd

April 3 is what I refer to as "Forty-Three Day." On Forty-Three Day, I alway celebrate my number by doing something I have never done before, and encouraging others around me to do the same.

So I was researching things that happened on April 3, and the most shocking is:

In the year 33 a.d., according to astronomer Humphreys & Waddington, Christ was crucified. Talk about doing something you have never done before.

Other less shocking things that also happened on April 3:

1043 Edward the Confessor crowned king of England
1645 English parliament accept Self-Denying Ordinance
1657 English Lord Protector Cromwell refuses crown
1790 Revenue Marine Service (US Coast Guard), created
1860 Pony Express began between St Joseph MO & Sacramento CA
1865 Union forces occupy Confederate capital of Richmond VA & Petersburg VA
1868 An Hawaiian surfs on highest wave ever, he rides a 50' tidal wave
1882 Wood block alarm invented, when alarm rang, it dropped 20 wood blocks
1910 Highest mountain in North America, Alaska's Mount McKinley climbed
1922 Stalin appointed General Secretary of Communist Party
1933 1st airplane flight over Mount Everest
1948 1st US figure skating championships held
1957 Samuel Beckett's "Endgame", premieres in London
1958 Fidel Castro's rebels attacked Havana
1965 1st atomic powered spacecraft (SNAP) launched
1975 Bobby Fischer stripped of world chess title for refusing to defend
1978 50th Academy Awards - "Annie Hall", Rich Dreyfuss & Diane Keaton win
1986 US national debt hits $2,000,000,000,000