Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Fun With Email

Below is a strange, but interesting email I received this week. I have written back, but haven't heard anything in response. I really love this email.

Dear Tara,

My name is harry, i noticed your blog, as it came up when i wrote "forty three". this is a powerful number, i can make sense of it...maybe i can complete your wondering thoughts about the number 43. the pic of you and your friend...four eyes, 3 can be seen clearly...but looking at it another way, i know it was a choice... more of this in my book...

I wrote a book self published it for now, it is about the Opposite of time, and how i noticed forty three as it appeared in my life and altered its meaning right in my face, as the sequence of numbers appear for many reasons than that we are accustomed discovery about this number is not complete, as you hold a key, that i am waiting to use to open the door.

we can help eachother discover forty three and i can bring you into the world (concept) of MOTION...(dont bother looking around the net for info...on my book you will not find will however find you....if you want it.


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ANTHONY said...

Hi Tara,
I simply love your pgae based on the number43. I too love the number. I could send you an email with a picture attached to it with my tattoo. i recently got it done this summer. I designed the number 43 on my left arm.

contact me at