Saturday, August 20, 2005

A Poem I Wrote


dmitri mendeleev, how can you predict instability?
do you have a dog, Technetium?
can you survive in the snow of serbia?
are you, like mendeleev, your mother's favorite?

yes, yes, yes. you are.

if you listen closely, you can see that the element number forty-three has a divine purpose.
see the dog on its leash.
is everything in the world science? is it art? love?
it is radioactive.

yes, yes, yes.

once i was young, i got sick.
once when i was old, i journeyed to the north pole and never returned.
i walked my dog, Technetium.
i walked it for forty-three miles.


Kat said...

Too Funny..
Can not help but think of you everytime I see the number 43!

Took a 7 hour trip yesterday...there are 43's all over the place!

Take care of you-

margretfisher4118 said...
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